Become an Author / Guest Post

Welcome to the Become an Author and Guest Post page, and thank you for your enthusiasm to contribute to this website! We are not accepting guest posts or new authors at the time, but the signups will open again soon.

In the meantime, you can brainstorm post ideas and work on your writing! If you would like to guest post, please enter our giveaway.

When submitting reopens, we have some updated guidelines/requirements for authors:

  • Must be between 9 and 15 years old
  • Must have some blogging experience
  • Must be able to post weekly
  • Should be able to cooperate and work together
  • Must have an email and their parents’ permission
  • Will NOT post about controversial topics/issues. On SFMF we post devotionals, encouraging verses and poems, and age-appropriate discussions about things like baptism and worship. We want to keep this a positive, uplifting blog that will lead people to Christ and help them grow in their faith.

When you are first accepted, you’ll simply be a Contributor for the first week or so. You’ll be able to write posts, but you can’t publish them yourself. If I can trust you to make awesome content yourself, you’ll move up to an Author! You will be able to write, upload, and edit your posts as well as publishing your own posts.

Here are some ideas for you while you wait for submissions to open!

  • Read a book in the Bible and really think about each verse. You can freewrite about the topic, and make sure to take some notes about special things you notice or like about the book. This will be super helpful when you write Bible Studies!
  • Write your Christian testimony, and explain what believing in Jesus means to you. Someday you might post this and lead someone to Christ!
  • Find and memorize verses! Holding God’s word close to your heart will help you make great arguments for God’s kingdom and an awesome way to encourage both you and other people and help you grow in your faith!
  • Pray! Get to really know God and start learning how to trust in Him every step of the way.

Thanks for reading through this, and I hope you enjoy those ideas!

Your Sister In Christ,

Emmie (ADMIN)

57 thoughts on “Become an Author / Guest Post

  1. Hi Emmie! So, I’m not going to fill the form just yet, I wanted to ask you something.
    So I was wondering if I could join the blog to help me grow in faith, and stuff like that??
    Also, I hope you’re feeling better!

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      1. ha ha, thanks. I think it was just a prayer or something like that?? I was about to start, but then… I really don’t know! Sorry about that!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. That is a great idea! I work with Mary E. on “The Sunshine Stop,” and with Eleanor at “Pointe to Christe Prayer,” and I have my blog, so I can’t do it, but lovely idea and I can’t wait to see more posts!

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