I’m Going On A (Kind Of) Hiatus?

Hey everyone!

I’m looking at the calendar for April, and I’m totally overwhelmed. I’ve got school, Camp NaNoWriMo (a slightly insane novel-writing challenge), dance, a ton of birthdays, holidays, events, trips, and a gala I’m an ambassador for.

I thought, How on Earth am I going to do all that AND have post a blog post every week?! I have trouble doing that already!

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

I decided I needed to cut back…but I love blogging so much! I was torn. What should I do?

But then, I thought…What if I didn’t take a full-on bloggingbreak? What if I just went on…a consistency break?

Basically, for the month of April, I’m taking a break from posting every week (like I’ve been doing that, haha. I’m trying, people, I’m trying). But! When I have the time and energy to blog, I’ll post!

So this means you’ll still be seeing posts from me: just not every single week.

Are you gonna miss me? πŸ˜› Just kidding! Head on over to the American Girl World YouTube channel to watch the video version of this post. Thanks for supporting me in my blogging journey. Love you guys!

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