black and white dead die diving
Photo by Life Of Pix on

When life gets you down

You feel like you are drowning

Your lungs fill with water

And you cannot


lightning and gray clouds
Photo by Andre Furtado on

When there’s a plot twist

In the story of your life

Your skies are filled with clouds that block the sun

And you cannot


lighted candle
Photo by Rahul on

But what if I told you

That light can shine anywhere

Even in the darkest places

And The Light will help you


adult air beautiful beauty
Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi on

Just take a deep breath

And inhale His Love

And His Promise

Now you can


splash of water
Photo by Noelle Otto on

When the rain comes pouring down

Instead of soaking in your sorrow

Let it wash away your troubles

And just


sunset beach people sunrise
Photo by Pixabay on

Throw all of your worries and cares

Into the arms of God

Because He is there and He cares

Sing to Him because now you can


woman winter gloves winter clothing
Photo by Kristin Vogt on

So inhale

And exhale

Because you can finally


Standing Firm in My Faith-2


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