Top Two Christian Artists You Should Listen To

Hello everyone! This is officially my first post on SFMF. I am super excited! So, today I am going to show you which Christian artists you should listen to, and what songs are my favorite from them.

1. Britt Nicole

She is an amazing artist! She is so inspiring too. Here are my favorite songs from her:

  1. No Filter
  2. Heart Of Stone
  3. Work Of Art
  4. Be The Change
  5. Girls Night Out

Some of her songs aren’t Christian, but they are awesome!

2. Hollyn

Hollyn is an another amazing artist! I love her songs. Here are some I like from her:

  1. Hola
  2. Love With Your Life
  3. All I Need Is You
  4. Nothin’ On You
  5. All Good

Again, some of her songs aren’t Christian, but you should listen to all of them!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!


43 thoughts on “Top Two Christian Artists You Should Listen To

    1. Wow, me too! I am so happy that we like some of the same music! Yeah, I really like Britt Nicole’s song “Pave”. Yes, I love that song too! I really like Hollyn’s song “Hola”. Yeah, I do sometimes. I actually haven’t listened to a lot of her songs. I will have to listen to them sometime!

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      1. No, I haven’t, but I will when I get the chance!! Have you listened to Rachel Platten? She grew up in my dad’s hometown and I’ve memorized one of her songs with my best friend. πŸ˜€

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      2. OK! No, I haven’t! Except the time when Rachel Platten guest starred in the show Stuck In The Middle. Cool! What is your favorite song by her? Is she a Christian artist?

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      3. I LOVE Stuck in the Middle! When did she guest star?? I’m not sure if she’s a Christian artist, but you should listen to Fight Song and Stand By You, they are both inspirational songs and very catchy!

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      4. I really like watching Bizaardvark, Jessie, and Bunk’d. What else do you like to watch? AHHH, I JUST LISTENED TO RACHEL PLATTEN, AND SHE IS AMAZING!!!!!

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      5. Same!!! I also love Andi Mack and MasterChef Junior. I also watch Nick shows, like The Thundermans, Henry Danger, KC Undercover (a Disney show tho), I am Frankie, Hunter Street, Game Shakers, Lip Sync Battle Shorties, and School of Rock. Wow, I watch a lot! I LOVE HER TOO!!! My favorite song by her is Fight Song, I’ve memorized that song, haha!

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      6. Coooool! Wow, that is a lot. XD Yeah. I don’t watch Andi Mack anymore because of what the did in season two. I don’t agree with what they did in season two.

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      7. I can’t even get into my account (long story short, I made a random email and it made it primary so I have to enter some code to log in again)… 😦

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      8. Did you get my other comment? Look on the post that I wrote it on, and then you should see it if you don’t already. I went to lunch and did school. That is about it. I listening to “Stand By You” right now. XD IT IS SO GOOD!!!!

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      9. Yeah, my little sisters didn’t understand it. I still watch it but I really dislike that part, especially since the show is geared towards kids who aren’t supposed to know about that type of stuff…

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      10. Yeah, I can understand why. My Mom said that it was good that I don’t watch it anymore. I mean, I still would like to watch it sometimes, but I don’t anymore. I KNOW!!!! It’s like, why do that when a lot kids don’t know what that means! Especially when Christians are watching that kind of stuff. I need to take a break from the computer now. It is not because I am talking to you! I just don’t want to use all of my computer time now. XD Have a great day!

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