Our Struggles

             You’ve heard this before – Jesus is with you all the time, He will help you, don’t worry…blah, blah, blah. Not that it’s not true – but sometimes, we get the idea that the people that tell us those things – the Bible really – don’t understand. 

            You hear all these gospel songs saying about how Jesus will lift you up when you are falling, but you can’t help wondering whether or not they really know. And you still struggle. But, let me tell you something – Jesus understands. 

           Life is swimming in the ocean – if you stop too long, you drown, but sometimes the current will carry you farther than you want it too. It will throw your head underwater till you feel like you can’t breathe anymore. Till you feel like you possess no strength to keep your arms and legs moving. Till you just want to fill the ocean with your tears.


         At those times, it seems hopeless to receive help. It feels like the largest lifeboat can’t save you now. But there is one that can. Jesus. He is your boat, carrying you through the rushing tides and powerful winds. If you are thrown offboard, He will catch you again. He will clasp a seatbelt on you – a seatbelt of strength and faith. He will hold you till the storm is over – or if it never ends, throughout it until the wind carries you up to the heavens.

       You may not feel like it, but He loves you. Call upon Him and He will answer you and lift you up to extremes that you yourself cannot imagine. Even if you can’t feel it, even if it seems too hopeless, it isn’t. No, even if you’re shaking your head and whispering, “She doesn’t understand” it isn’t hopeless.

      Do you think that God would give us a life if it was just to fail? No! It doesn’t matter how long it is – you are safe in His loving arms until the storm is over. But you will not be shaken out of His boat of life into the watery depths – no, you be carried out into the sky of a life a thousand times greater than anything you can imagine. Because He loves you. 


      There was a reason that God decided to bring you on this earth. Do you think that He’ll just give up on you and say, “Oh, he/she can deal with her own problems now.” No! A million times no. Even if the storm seems too powerful, it isn’t. Because He makes the storms – do you think that He can’t help you conquer them? To rise above them whether it is to be years more on this planet or rising instead to His home?

        Jesus loves you. That old childhood song is true. Sing it in your hearts, repeat it in your minds, because He Loves You.



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