Hello from China and Consciences!

        Greetings! I’m Enni, one of the authors here at Standing Firm in my Faith. Currently, I am in China visiting my relatives for Chinese New Year’s – it lasts fifteen days. 😉 It is extremely superior to our American New Year – like, seriously?

         Today I want to share with you a verse that I learned in a Christian Study group I’m in called B.R.I.G.H.T. Lights. It was what we memorized last month, so hopefully, it should be pretty fresh in my brain.

          Acts 24:16: And herein do I exercise myself to have always a conscience void of offense toward God and toward men. KJV.

        Now, I bet we all say that we’ve already confessed that sin, or that it wasn’t that important, so you can just let it pass. But, such things like that build up you know, and before you know it, you’re enveloped in sin so heavy, you can’t lift it. What do you do then?

          Well, you have to confess all of them to God wholeheartedly, and even to other people. It might feel strange since it was that long ago – the person probably forgot already! Why should you bring it up? But, that’s the only way to maintain a good relationship with God, as well as with other people.

         What if you can’t even remember any sins? Start with the ones you do remember, and build from there. If you can’t remember any, you have the serious problem of a dead conscience. That’s when you’re so built up in sin, that you don’t even care if you lie or something like that – it’s almost impossible to be cured.

       Strive to keep a clear conscience, and if you really don’t know how you’ve offended people, pray! Pray to God to ask Him if you have offended anyone, and pray for courage for you to apologize to them.

       This is a story my mom told me regarding the lesson, and honestly, it’s quite amazing, so of course, I have to share it!

         My mom was preparing for a huge English test, and her classmate was going to take one after her. This classmate didn’t have much she could study from, and therefore, she asked my mom if she could pick up a few English-Chinese cassette tapes for her, sending 10 yuan as well, about 1.58 US dollars. Now, my mom was feeling highly stressed and weird, so she didn’t get the cassette tapes and wrote back saying, “Haha, I didn’t get you the tapes.” Later, she repented of what she did but she thought it would feel so weird and embarrassing – she just couldn’t do it! So, for ten years, she never apologized.

        However, when she got saved many years later, she learned about repenting your sins, and even though it felt so incredibly awkward, she wrote to the friend apologizing, sending a bunch of gospel cassette tapes as well. Do you know what she replied back? She wrote that of course she forgave her – that it was a long time ago and that it wasn’t a problem at all. She also said that she loved the tapes and that she listened to them all the time. That friend had become a Christian, and even served partime at her church!

       Isn’t that an amazing story? I’ll post more about forgiveness next time – but for now, Au Revoir!

~ Enni ~



26 thoughts on “Hello from China and Consciences!

  1. Wow, this is awesome, Enni! You are very inspiring. ❤ I am just wondering, but are you originally from China? If so, that is amazing! Also, how did you get on Standing Firm in My Faith?

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    1. Kaylyn, you are so, so sweet! It’s really not ME that’s inspiring, but God! Well, my parents were born in China, but I was born here in a America! There’s a page called “become a user” where you can fill out a form. 😀

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      1. Aww, it is my pleasure! Yes, that is correct! I find that God can inspire me through other people. Do you know what I am saying? That is awesome! Oh, OK. Thanks for the advice! How are you?

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      2. Yes! That is totally true – it’s amazing! You’re welcome! I hope that you’re let in! I’m doing great! Right now I’m in a hotel room with my mom and cousin. My mom’s about to get breakfast!

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      3. Wow, that is so cool! Oh, OK. That is great! WAIT. Someone I know on a blog went to the Chinese New Year festival! I wonder if you saw her. XD Her name is Kristina. Also, can you email me? I have something to tell you.

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